how am i going to make this year better than the last?

destinations for this year:

dominican republic

los angeles, minneapolis

beijing, shanghai, harbin, chengdu, hangzhou, guangzhou, hongkong, and lots more.


ho chi minh city, bien hoa

phnom penh, siem reap (both tentative)

manila, boracay


bangkok, chieng mai (tentative)


that’s how. fuck finding a guy. i’m gonna find more of myself. and some pandas :]

just thought i’d throw this out there. email i sent. please donate!

Dear friends and family,                 

I hope you’re doing well! I am writing this letter to tell you about a cause that I’ve recently got involved in here at Boston College. This cause is something that I brought back with me from my Magis experience in Spain this past summer.

For a week in August I embarked on a seven day hike through Basque country from Loyola to Javier in hopes of seeing God through different experiences. On this trip, my team and I walked for more than 97 miles through forests and across barren lands. For three days, we barely had water, and many of us suffered from heat stroke and dehydration. In the end however, it was still only a seven-day trip and after those seven days were over, I had all the water I wanted. All I could think about during those three days was how people walk for water every day as part of their daily life. They walk for hours and instead of coming back with clean water, they come back with dirty water. This consumption of dirty water is the cause of more than 30,000 deaths a week in developing nations, a number staggeringly unimaginable.

All I could think about was charity: water, a non-profit organization that I had been following on Twitter for a while, and decided that I could be a part of the force that brings clean water to these nations. I could be the catalyst for making a difference. So as I came back to Boston College, I invoked the aide of several friends and started a charity: water campaign to bring a BC well to Ethiopia. In the past five years charity: water has brought clean water to over two million people and are working towards providing water for even more. We can all be a part of their mission, bringing clean water to all.  

So in the spirit of Christmas, a time for giving, I ask you to think about how much $25 can get you. Five mornings worth of coffee? A nice box of chocolates? Half a pair of jeans? A shirt on sale? 5 scratch tickets?

Well, $25 also brings clean water to one person…for the rest of his or her life.

While we’re worrying about what to buy our nieces for Christmas, many have to worry about whether or not their child will die tomorrow from lack of clean water.

The fact is more than 1 billion suffer from lack of access to clean drinking water. They have to walk for hours a day to retrieve dirty water from watering holes, a place where animals..well, do their business. Instead of using this time pursuing an education, raising their children, or learning a trade, they just walk. All day.

With just a $25 donation, you will be contributing to a water project that will bring water to a whole village in either Africa, Southeast Asia, or South America.

Imagine that, 5 drinks from Starbucks can give one person, a child, a mother, a grandpa clean drinking water for the rest of his or her life.

Therefore, I personally humbly ask that you help support our campaign. Any way that you can help this noble cause would be greatly appreciated. Please be as generous as you can. With every donation, charity: water sends you GPS tracking pictures to see where your money has gone. They donate 100% of all donations to fund water projects, so rest assured, your donations are not going to the salaries of employees.


We are accepting donations via the charity: water webpage at


Here are links to two videos about charity: water and also to an article written about BC charity: water and myself.


Thank you for your continued support of the Boston College community and myself.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Again, thank you so much! You are making a difference and every penny counts!


you might not have thought about it this way, but

there’s more to life than just lv, gucci, and hermes.

there’s helping others, seeing the world, profound relationships, and giving back.


i have to remind myself not to forget that i have brothers and sisters all around the world that don’t have an ounce of the things i do, and instead of wanting more for myself, i should be wanting to lessen their burden.

i’ve been thinking about this stuff for a while. they’re dangerous, but healthy thoughts. it’s just now, i don’t know what to do with them.



new year.

although this year hasn’t started out fantastically – food poisoning, stupid calls, etc. looking back on 2011, i’ve had a wonderful year, and i intend on making 2012 even better. 

college has done me good. i’ve moved on from my past, my faith has grown stronger, instead of saying i’d travel, i did, and i learned so much.

TO ATTEMPT to sum up 2011:

started the new year working, counted down with the bartender at the Q.
one week later, left for #paris by myself. met christophe and nelson, cool, cool hosts. had an amazing time.

went to ecaasu

went on #appalachia in #harrisburg, #pennsylvania! met some wonderful people.
performed in front of +3000 for showdown
got my uke signed by several celebs at csa takeout

celebrated my 19 birthday on marathon monday (: had a drunken great time<3
went on kairos102. changed how i feel about a lot of things. more appreciative.
visited juhleen in philly, spent time in ny.

survived finals.
visit liz, nhut and ba in dc! ❤ unavsa7 alwayssss.
left for a month of europe! business law in #dublin, ireland.

traveled to #kilkenny, #howth, #belfast – northern ireland, #barcelona, and #london.
met some wonderful people that i hope to visit in #venezuela, #el salvador, and new hampshire.
got an a in business law.
couchsurfed 3x, survived, and had some pretty bomb stories to tell from it(:

lived in a convent for a week in #santaana
went up to santa monica and stayed with mike for a week
went to ny, long island for a bc reunion
went to #denver, #colorado for unavsa8

flew back to europe for another month for the religious experience of a lifetime.
went to #loyola, spain for magis
hiked 97 mi across #basque country in five fingers that weren’t mine through the forbidden forest and across barren lands for 7 days
got inspired to do work for charity: water
went to world youth day in #madrid with 3 million other youth passionate about their faith, fueling mine even more.

back to school.
went to fashion’s night out and cirque du soleil
no more synergy
founded boston college charity: water (:

led beginnings ’11 ❤
made campus ambassador for kollaborationboston2
made hospitality director for unavsa9.
made the dominican republic service and immersion trip group

opened for clarac and the new heights with dillon (:
went to see the #nutcracker with diana. ❤

managed to do okay in calc.
studied harder than i ever did before.
visited jamie in #jersey for new years and her birthday.


sure, shit has happened in 2011 that i was not pleased with, but i learned from it, and i insist on making 2012 even better.



okay. here’s a story for you guys. so i have this friend, A. and her friend, our mutual friend, let’s call him B, calls her on new years eve. professing his deep, deep love her for her.

he’s clearly drunk and she clearly finds this amusing. she doesn’t go along with it and laughs it off. tells him straight up, he’s mistaken, drunk, not in love, knows nothing about her and should go enjoy his new years. or at least go take a chill pill.

B calls A again and again, even texting her to “document” his love for her, and she still doesn’t show him any sign that she reciprocates his feeling.

next morning, new year’s day, B texts A an apology, saying he said some ridiculous things and that he was an idiot. A doesn’t care, so she just lets it go.

a couple days later, he texts her again, saying that he’s positive he’s in love with her. she’s texts back an “oh boy.” and is retorted with, “bitch we’re going to have a problem.”

unhappy and fed up with these texting games, she retorts with, “any chance you had is gone, bitch.” sure, she probably shouldn’t have fueled the fire, but whatever, she was sick of being drunk texted. and she shouldn’t have replied, but what’s done is done.

she then gets bombarded with texts and calls from both B and apparently, B’s girlsfriend. we’ll call this bitch C.

this girl, C, clearly does not have a good relationship with B as he’s been hiding it from A this whole time. in fact, none of our friends knew B had a gf. so C is calling A, leaving threatening voicemails, texting her on B and C’s number, claiming that A shouldn’t be texting other girls’ boyfriends, when in reality, all A was doing was rejecting B.

B’s the one pursuing A, wanting to skype with her, professing his love for her. etc. if anything, C should be angry at B, am i wrong?


so. A’s kinda pissed that she let this ruin her night. but it’s okay. because C barely knows the meaning of dissipated while A is going off to hawaii tomorrow.

C, get your man on lock. don’t blame others for your incompetent, sorry self. it’s not A’s fault your man don’t love you.




yes, i am A. shake it off, girl. just shake it off.